11th Workshop FT-IR Spectroscopy in Microbiological and Medical Diagnostic
Robert Koch-Institute, October 19-20, 2017
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G. Azemtsop Matanfack (Jena, Germany)
Probing the Metabolic Activity State and the Functions of Single Heterotrophic Bacterial Cells via Raman Microspectroscopy and Stable Isotope Labeling

A. Banas (Singapore)
Characterization of compositional changes in fluoride- and laser-treated enamel caries lesion

D. Bedolla (Clayton, Australia)
A combined study on the damage by soft X-rays on ultralene, paraffin and on paraffin-embedded fixed tissues using FTIR spectroscopy and X ray fluorescence

C. Beleites (Wölfersheim, Germany)
Cross-Validation Revisited: using Uncertainty Estimates to Improve Model Autotuning

Ö. Bozkurt-Girit (Aydin, Turkey)
Characteristics and Fiber Type Specific Distribution of Lipids in Skeletal Muscles of Berlin Fat Mice Inbred (BFMI) Lines

M. Darvin (Berlin, Germany)
Application of Raman microscopy in analysis of barrier-related parameters of human stratum corneum in vivo

S. Delbeck (Iserlohn, Germany)
Monitoring of the insulin-dependent glucose metabolism of human monocytes in cell cultures by microdialysis and infrared spectrometry

S. Diehn (Berlin, Germany)
Identification of grass pollen species using FTIR microspectroscopy on embedded pollen grains

A. Dogan Mollaoglu (Istanbul, Turkey)
Adipose Tissue in Inappropriate Lipid Storage

S. Eiserloh (Jena, Germany)
Visualizing an intracellular infection of Buffalo Green Monkey cells by Coxiella burnetii with Raman micro-spectroscopy

S. Garip Ustaoglu (Istanbul, Turkey)
Application of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Microspectroscopy for the Assesment of Bone Quality

M. Grube (Riga, Latvia)
Evaluation of interactions between DNA and salts of 1,4-dihydropyridine AV-153 by FTIR spectroscopy

T. Grunert (Vienna, Austria)
Molecular signatures of fresh and frozen/thawed poultry meat - meat authenticity testing using machine learning assisted FTIR spectroscopy

R. Guliev (Moscow, Russia)
The use of FTIR for reliable bacterium identification

M. Hedegaard (Odense, Denmark)
Forward scattered Raman-computed tomography for 3D imaging

Z. Heiner (Berlin, Germany)
Probing one- and two-component lipid monolayers by nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy

W. Kwiatek (Krakow, Poland)
Investigation of pathological tissues using nanoscale spectroscopy

M. Lassen (Horsholm, Denmark)
Sub-shot noise coherent Raman Spectroscopy for bio-optical applications

T. Lindtner (Berlin, Germany)
FTIR microspectroscopy of organic and inorganic components of plant cells

B. Lorenz (Jena, Germany)
Screening of E. coli pathogenicity by Raman microspectroscopy

F. Madzharova (Berlin, Germany)
Multimodal two-photon biospectroscopy using composite plasmonic-BaTiO3 nanoprobes

P. Mamaeva (Moscow, Russia)
ATR-FTIR spectroscopy to study interaction of mannose-modified polymers and liposomes with lectins

A. Nakar (Jena, Germany)
Differentiation of Enterobacteriaceae using Single Cell Raman Spectroscopy

Cz. Paluszkiewicz (Krakow, Poland)
Examination of selected body fluids using vibrational spectroscopy

A. Pistiki (Jena, Germany)
UV-Resonance Raman spectroscopy of inactivated bacterial pathogens for determination of resistance to β-lactams and carbapenems

M. Pucetaite (Lund, Sweden)
Sub-micrometer infrared spectroscopy of soil fungal exudates

Ch. Sandt (Gif sur Yvette, France)
QUASAR Intuitive Machine Learning Software for Spectroscopic Data

F. Severcan (Istanbul, Turkey)
Discrimination of acutely and gradually heavy metal (Cd or Pb) acclimated fresh water bacteria by FTIR spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics

H. Shen (Jena, Germany)
Photonics as a non-destructive investigation strategy for biofilms

K. Shvirksts (Riga, Latvia)
FTIR spectroscopy as a tool for basic yeast physiology assessment

G. P. Szekeres (Berlin, Germany)
Biocompatible nanostructures for label-free SERS in living cells

N. Unger (Jena, Germany)
Intracellular Raman micro spectroscopic detection of spectral characteristics of Chlamydia abortus in infected Buffalo Green Monkey cells

S. Vogt (Tübingen, German)
Comparison of Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Whole Genome Sequencing for Strain Typing of Enterobacter cloacae Complex

J. Waeytens (Lillois, Belgium)
Investigation of single amyloids fibrils at the nanoscale: challenges and prospects using IR nanospectroscopy AFMIR

A. R. Walther (Odense, Denmark)
Fiber-optic volume probe for subsurface Raman spectroscopy in turbid media

C. Whitley (Liverpool, UK)
New Statistical Algorithms and Scanning Methods for the Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Ch. Wichmann (Jena, Germany)
Is freezing of bacterial samples the way to go?


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