10th Workshop FT-IR Spectroscopy in Microbiological and Medical Diagnostic
Robert Koch-Institute, October 15-16, 2015
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V. Artyushenko (Berlin, Germany)
Molecular spectroscopy methods for kidney cancer diagnostics

O.D. Ayala (Nashville, USA)
Raman microspectroscopy for discrimination of bacterial pathogens causing acute otitis media

A. Bauer (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
Mid-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy on different skin locations for non-invasive blood glucose measurements

C. Beleites (Jena, Germany)
A new N-FINDR algorithm and the unmixR package for spectral unmixing

G. Bellisola (Verona, Italy)
Phenotyping cystic fibrosis cells by microFTIR and principal component analysis

A. Bonifacio (Trieste, Italy)
Label-free surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of biofluids: Diagnostic applications in oncology

J. Brückner (Dresden, Germany)
The influence of increased iron concentrations on the biosilica of the marine diatom Stephanopyxis turris

T. Büchner, D. Drescher (Berlin, Germany)
Multimethod approach to understand SERS nanoprobes in cells

J. De Meutter (Brussels, Belgium)
Infrared imaging of high density protein arrays

A. Dogan (Istanbul, Turkey)
FT-IR spectroscopy and multivariate analysis for the detection of irradiated hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.)

K. Forfang (Aas, Norway)
Estimating the efficiency of fatty acid extration from fungal biomass by FTIR spectroscopy

S. Fornasaro (Trieste, Italy)
Feasibility of quantitative determination of methotrexate with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and multivariate calibration analysis

M. Godejohann (Utting/Ammersee, Germany)
QCL-based IR microscopy: The power of real-time chemical imaging

M. Grube (Riga, Latvia)
Evaluation of cancer-derived exosomes by FT-IR spectroscopy

M. Gühlke (Berlin, Germany)
Study of combined one- and twophoton excited SERS-nanosensors for bio-applications

M.A.B. Hedegaard (Odense M, Denmark)
Applying noise adjusted principal component analysis for noise reduction of Raman micro spectroscopic image datasets

M. Hermes (Jena, Germany)
Evaluating modulated excitation and conventional methods for background correction in Raman microscopy

O. Hertzberg (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
Mid-IR photothermal deflection spectroscopy enhanced by total internal reflection for non-invasive glucose monitoring

M. Joester (Berlin, Germany)
Raman micro-spectroscopy and multivariate statistics to study the influence of silica on germinating pollen grains

A. Kerstan (Waldbronn, Germany)
Pushing the limits of biomedical and biological FTIR imaging

L. Köhler (Dresden, Germany)
The effect of variable calcium concentrations in culture media on the diatom species Stephanopyxis turris and Thalassiosira pseudonana

T. Konevskikh (Aas, Norway)
Estimating and correcting Mie scattering in single cell infrared microspectroscopy

G. Kosa (Aas, Norway)
Micro-cultivation of oleaginous fungi and high-throughput estimation of fatty acid profiles by FT-IR spectroscopy

W.M. Kwiatek (Krakow, Poland)
NanoIR as a new tool for spectroscopic imaging in biomedical studies

L. Lovergne (Glasgow, U.K.)
Developing serum based infrared spectroscopic diagnostics: Optimising sample preparation and sampling mode

R. Lukacs (Aas, Norway)
Recovery of IR absorbance spectra of spherically shaped biological systems

K. Majzner (Krakow, Poland)
Raman microscopic studies on the impact of high glucose condition on the endothelial cells

K. Malek (Krakow, Poland)
FTIR spectroscopy in recognition of lifestyle diseases: Studies on blood plasma of animal models

A. Mignolet (Brussels, Belgium)
Investigation of polyphenols anti-cancerous action according to their differential effects on breast cancer cell lines by FTIR spectroscopy

A. Niedermayr (Munich, Germany)
IR-spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis in point of care testing

M.Z. Pacia (Krakow, Poland)
Diabetes, hypertension and cancer metastasis-induced changes in endothelium studied with 3D Raman and AFM imaging

C. Paluszkiewicz (Krakow, Poland)
AFM-IR spectroscopy of human lens at the nanoscale range

C.L. Pickering (Glasgow, U.K.)
Experimental design for bacterial identification using vibrational spectroscopy

K. Ramser (Lulea, Sweden)
Latest news on the development of a stimulated holographic endoscopic Raman imaging technique for early detection of colorectal cancer

C. Sandt (Gif sur Yvette, France)
Identification of a hypoxic signature in glioblastoma cells at the cellular and subcellular levels by FTIR microspectroscopy

J. Segmehl (Zürich, Switzerland)
Ultrastructural and chemical investigation of functionalized wood cell walls using Raman microscopy

S. Seifert (Berlin, Germany)
Classification and identification of aqueous pollen extracts using SERS and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

T. Shaykhutdinov (Berlin, Germany)
AFM-IR nanospectroscopy of aggregated thin porphyrin films: Correlating morphology with intermolecular stacking

K. Shvirksts (Riga, Latvia)
Human mesenchymal stem cell studies by FT-IR spectroscopy

O. Sire (Vannes, France)
Easy sampling and analysis FT-IR system for medical and biological diagnostic and screening

M. Smolina (Brussels, Belgium)
Spectral differentiation of breast cancer cell lines in 2D and 3D cultures by infrared imaging

V. Tafintseva (Aas, Norway)
Sparse Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLSDA) for classification of microorganisms using FTIR spectroscopy

S. Vercellone (Verona, Italy)
Testing drugs targeting basic defect in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) epithelial cell lines by FTIR analysis

I. Zeise (Berlin, Germany)
Microspectroscopic Raman imaging of cucumber plant tissues


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