6th Workshop FT-IR Spectroscopy in Microbiological and Medical Diagnostic
Robert Koch-Institute, October 25-26, 2007
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B. Bird (Boston, USA)
Infrared and Raman micro-spectroscopy of cell types in urinary cytology

A. Bosch (La Plata, Argentina)
FT-IR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the characterization of microflora and exopolysaccharides recoverd from kefir grains

N. Büchl (Freising, Germany)
Identification of food-borne yeasts by FTIR-spectroscopy and artificial neural networks

T. Chernenko (Boston, USA)
Resonance Raman imaging of the Plasmodium falciparum life cycle

C. Coutinho (Porto, Portugal)
Classification of Burkolderia cepacia complex isolates by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

P. Gardner (Manchester, U.K.)
Direct evidence of lipid translocation between adipocytes and prostate cancer cells with imaging FTIR microspectroscopy

P. Gardner (Manchester, U.K.)
Discrimination of cancer cell lines by reflection mode FTIR photo-acoustic spectroscopy

M. Grube (Riga, Latvia)
Relationship between the cell surface hydrophobicity and ethanol tolerance of bacteria Zymomonas mobilis

R. M. Jarvis (Manchester, U.K.)
Developments in metabolic fingerprinting and quantitative analysis using surface-enhanced Raman scattering

M. Kammer (Dresden, Germany)
FTIR brain tumor diagnosis: Distinguishing astrocytoma from lymphoma

P. Knief (Dublin, Ireland)
Raman spectroscopy in the nano world - a useful probe for assessing nano toxicity

A. Kuhm (Fellbach, Germany)
Subspecies differentiation of Yersinia enterocolitica strains using FT-IR

Th. Mair (Magdeburg, Germany)
FT-IR spectroscopy of the energy metabolism in yeast extract

C. Matthäus (Boston, USA)
Discrimination of marine bacteria species by Raman microscopy

M. Miljkovic (Boston, USA)
Spike removal and denoising of Raman spectra

H. H. Nieuwoudt (Matieland, South Africa)
Discrimination of wine-associated microorganisms based on their FTIR-ATR spectra

R. Pena (Göttingen, Germany)
FTIR - a new tool to identify ectomycorrhizal species

M. Prieto (Leon, Spain)
Identification of Salmonella spp. using FT-IR: Correlation with serological and sequencing data

M. Romeo (Boston, USA)
Towards the standardisation of spectral cytology

D. M. Rosu (Berlin, Germany)
Investigation of biomolecular thin films using infrared synchrotron mapping ellipsometry

R. K. Sahu (Beer Sheva, Israel)
Molecular organization of Streptococcus pneumoniae: the FTIR microscopy approach

M. Scholtes (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Minimizing a-specific spectral variation in carotenoid signal for typing of MRSA by Raman spectroscopy

J. Schubert (Boston, USA)
Infrared micro-spectroscopy as a tool for the early detection of cervical cancer

F. Schulte (Berlin, Germany)
Vibrational spectroscopic characterization and identification of pollen

I. T. Shadi (Manchester, U.K.)
Chemical mapping of keloid progression using image analysis and FT-IR spectroscopy

T. Smith-Palmer (Antigonish, Canada)
The use of confocal Raman microspectroscopy for the analysis of biofilms

S. van den Driesche (Vienna, Austria)
Microfluidics as a tool for in-flow single cell positioning

A. Walter (Jena, Germany)
Investigation of biotic soil components by means of various spectroscopic methods

H. F. M. Willemse-Erix (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Rapid typing of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus by Raman spectroscopy

O. Yantorno (La Plata, Argentina)
Phenotypic expression in Bordetella pertussis biofilms: Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopic and proteomic approaches

artphotonics (Berlin, Germany)
Fiber optics for mid ir-spectroscopy


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