3rd Workshop FT-IR Spectroscopy in Microbiological and Medical Diagnostic
Robert Koch-Institute, October 19-20, 2000
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W. Beer (Wernigerode, Germany)
FT-IR Spectroscopy as a Tool in Rapid Differentiation of Citrobacter spp. versus Salmonella spp.

W.C. Schuster (Vienna, Austria)
Bioprocess Monitoring for Strain Degeneration and Culture Heterogeneity by Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy

A.F. Schmalreck (Illertissen, Germany)
Identification and Differentiation of Cryptococcus spp. Isolates by Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)

R. Reissbrodt (Wernigerode, Germany)
Selected Biochemical Reactions and FT-IR-Spectra Characterize EHEC Serovars E. coli O26, O103, and O157:H7

N.A. Ngo Thi (Berlin, Germany)
FT-IR Microscopy: A Rapid Method for Classifying Microorganisms

T. Mair (Magdeburg, Germany)
Investigation of Oscillatory Glycolysis by Means of FTIR-Spectroscopy

J. Kneipp (Berlin, Germany)
FT-IR Microspectroscopic Imaging of Tissues: Probing Scrapie-Infected Brain Samples

C. Kirschner (Berlin, Germany)
FT-IR Spectroscopic Investigations of Antibiotic Sensitive and Resistant Microorganisms

P. Garidel (Newark, USA)
The Chemical Heterogeneity of Skin Studied by Fourier Transform Infrared Microspectroscopic Imaging

A. Gaigneaux (Brussel, Belgium)
Use of FTIR Spectroscopy for Rapid Identification of Daunorubicin-Resistant K562 Cells

W. Fegeler (Münster, Germany)
Phenotypic Characterisation of Clinical Candida glabrata Isolates by Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) in Comparison to Genotyping by Arbitrarily Primed Polymerase Chain Reaction and their Antimycotic Susceptibility Patterns

V. Czaika (Berlin, Germany)
Determination of a New Candida Species (C. africanum ?) by Fourier- Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)

U. Bindig (Berlin, Germany)
Fiber Optic IR-Spectroscopy: The Use of Flattened Silver Halide Sensor for Bio-Objects

U. Behrendt (Müncheberg, Germany)
Investigations of Coryneform Phyllobacteria Isolated from Grasses: FT-IR Spectroscopic Results Compared to Molecular Analyses, Physiological and Chemotaxonomic Characterisation

G. D. Sockalingum (Reims, France)
FTIR Spectroscopy: An Epidemiological Tool for Oral Candidiasis in HIV+ Patients


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