8th Workshop FT-IR Spectroscopy in Microbiological and Medical Diagnostic
Robert Koch-Institute, October 20-21, 2011
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M. Wenning (Freising, Germany)
Strain typing by FTIR spectroscopy as a tool in food microbiology

V. Shapaval (Aas, Norway)
Source tracking of food spoilage moulds and yeasts by FTIR spectroscopy

A. Bosch (La Plata, Argentina)
Burkholderia contaminans in cystic fibrosis: FT-IR spectroscopy-based study of phenotypic variation and diversity among isolates in long-term infection

G. Puppels (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
The SpectraCell RA bacterial strain analyzer

P. Rösch (Jena, Germany)
Culture-free identification of pathogens by means of micro-Raman spectroscopy

B.R. Wood (Melbourne, Australia)
A comparison between Raman and FTIR focal plane imaging for diagnosing malaria parasites in single cells

J. Kneipp (Berlin, Germany)
SERS for studies of cells: From basic concepts to practical tools

R.A. Dluhy (Athens, USA)
Novel nanorod array substrates as a platform for SERS-based biosensing of infectious disease

N.P. Ivleva (Munich, Germany)
Label-free in situ Raman and SERS imaging of biofilms

O. Sire (Vannes, France)
The water clock of Proteus mirabilis paces colony periodic and synchronous swarming

H.M. Heise (Iserlohn, Germany)
Review on 25 years of IR-spectroscopy in clinical chemistry: Blood and cell-free body fluids

W. Mäntele (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
IR spectroscopy goes to the hospital: Progress in reagent-free blood analysis and haemodialysis monitoring

W. Petrich (Heidelberg, Germany)
Biomedical vibrational spectroscopy for glucose monitoring in vivo?

M. Diem (Boston, USA)
Spectral Cytopathology (SCP): A summary

S.G. Kazarian (London, U.K.)
FTIR spectroscopic imaging of live cancer cells

C. Krafft (Jena, Germany)
Tumor cell identification using Raman spectroscopy in combination with optical trapping and microfluidics

P. Dumas (Gif Sur Yvette, France)
Does synchrotron infrared micro-spectroscopy favor some biomedical applications?

A. Hermelink (Berlin, Germany)
Biomedical applications of advanced Raman spectroscopies

S.F. Al-Khaldi (College Park, USA)
Identification of food bacterial pathogens using nanoparticle probes and mid-infrared chemical imaging for DNA microarray detection

D. McNaughton (Melbourne, Australia)
FT-IR spectroscopy of Chromera velia: Biochemical composition, growth phases, and dark incubation

G. Deleris (Bordeaux, France)
Toxicological applications of FT-IR spectroscopy: in vitro toxicity of silica nanoparticles on renal cells

K. Gerwert (Bochum, Germany)
Vibrational micro(spectro)scopy at different scales: Proteins, membranes and living cells

R. Mendelsohn (New York, USA)
Vibrational microscopic characterization of healing processes in a human skin wound

P. Heraud (Melbourne, Australia)
FTIR spectroscopy discriminates very early stage differentiation in living human stem cells

A. Kohler (Aas, Norway)
High-throughput characterization of metabolic changes in cells

H. Wagner (Leipzig, Germany)
FTIR spectra interpretation of phytoplankton cell spectra and their implications for physiological traits

E.J. (Swain) Marcsisin (Boston, USA)
Optimized methodology for investigating cellular drug response of individual live cells using FTIR micro-spectroscopy


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